MeRITA - Why and how to join

MeRITA main objective is the creation of a metadata registry for sharing essential clinical data provided by all the RITA registries according to the EU standards.

Our main aim is to support the merging of key information (so called common data elements see Documents )from all registries to ensure their interoperability with other European rare disease registries for cross fertilisation of ideas and further development of clinical research.

Moreover, one of the objective of MeRITA project is to identify potential additional items which could be common for all diseases within the boundaries of the diseases taken care by RITA.

Your registry will remain independent and continue to run on its own, your registry data will remain property of your registry: the participation to MeRITA will give to participating registries a greater international visibility, making them findable through a structured search function.

Stakeholders, once logged in with a verified account, will get in contact with each registry’s owner participating in MeRITA in order to request the export of the data, this will help to assess the feasibility of clinical trials, to facilitate the planning of appropriate clinical trials and to support the enrolment of patients.